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I need a good air mattress now

By good, I don’t mean something that will be durable though that quality is absolutely essential too. My definition of good air mattress would include decent height because I am old and if I have to use that mattress, I should find it easy to sit on it. I don’t find many air mattresses that qualify, and that is why I am still searching. I am short of time too, because my daughter will be arriving at our place in the next month. I want her to be comfortable in our home. You see, it is her first pregnancy.
I do not have much choice as far as breadth of that bed. We, i.e., my husband and me would have to shift into smaller room. Therefore, we simply cannot afford to buy the king size bed. I am, however, in two minds about the queen size air mattress as well. May be we will use it for only about an year. Thereafter, it would not be of much use even for guests because only one of the guests could use it. But my husband is adamant. He feels buying queen size bed is better. He expects my daughters to be frequenting our place for another 7 to 10 years. This means we may have to use the double bed. As to guests, he says we will cross the bridge when the time comes. Right now, we are trying to conserve monies because we may need it for our daughter.

One thing good about our family is that everybody is sensitive. They do not come down to stay if they find that we already have enough people in our home. They may, however, visit us, especially since my daughter is expecting her first baby. I guess, the consideration will be extended till the next generation moves away completely. In the meanwhile, I would love some suggestions on how to find a good air mattress that keeps the air in, throughout the day and night, does not move, has decent framework, and looks good too.

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