The Coleman Air Mattresses Suit Our Group Needs Perfectly

The Coleman Air Mattresses Suit Our Group Needs Perfectly

When I look at our best Coleman air mattress, I know that there is a long story behind them. As the leader of a vibrant church youth group that loved hitch-hiking, visiting each others homes for sleep-overs, inviting other youth groups for exchange camps, drinking our heads silly and sleeping on whatever couch was available during our weekend get-togethers, I advised my fellow youth mates that we needed air mattresses to simplify our sleeping arrangements. Buying real beds and fitting them with sponge mattresses would not only be expensive but also time consuming and if anything, real wooden beds are too heavy to carry. Air mattresses were the way to go since they are easily portable, flexible to sleep on when attached together and cost-friendly. After convincing my friends on this, we started seeking for the best Coleman air mattress that would suit us.

For one, we needed air mattresses that were easy to inflate and deflate, has a sure and firm grip on the ground, offer a cozy sleep and has a good height from the ground. The air mattress also had to have an internal inflation pump. Buying one that needed an external pump was not cost effective since we would have to spend more money in getting a good pump. Sometimes, the pump could also get lost necessitating that we go to the stores again to buy a replacement. External pumps also required pumping either using hand or electricity.

The air mattresses ought to have soft fabric that would ensure that we were gently hugged while we slept. They also had to have different air volumes such that one could decide on how hard they wanted their mattresses to be.

With all these in mind, we researched and window-shopped on online store that stocked air mattresses. Alan, the IT guru in the youth group prepared a good comparison sheet of the different air mattresses and presented the report to us. We discussed it in depth in a bid to get the one brand that optimized on an economic budget as well as maximized on the comfortability and adaptability of the air mattress. The Coleman air mattresses won the day.

With their ease in inflation of less than two minutes, fast deflation of less than 15 seconds, FLAT technology, sure grip on the ground, different width that could fit in our SUV cars when inflated, soft fabrics, incredibly affordable cost as well as inbuilt pumps, they were surely the right choice. We also stumbled upon best Coleman air mattress reviews that further affirmed our belief that they are the right choice.

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